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Posted 13 days ago by Jonathan Baird

In 2012, with the support of local PAs, other medical societies, and organizations, the Utah legislature passed a bill that restricted minors from using tanning devices without parental consent or a prescription. 
This year, the UAPA is working with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and AIM at Melanoma to update Utah law to remove these exceptions in order to protect minors under 18 from these dangerous devices. UV emitting devices are considered a “known human carcinogen” and are in the same risk category as cigarettes. Those who begin using a tanning device before the age of 35 increase their melanoma risk by 59 percent, and the risk increases with each use. Currently, 19 states and the District of Columbia completely ban minors from these devices.
We need your support. There are many ways you can help from simply calling your legislator and asking him/her to support the bill, sharing information about the bill to others, writing a letter of support to a committee member (a form letter can be provided), and testifying at a hearing.  
If you are willing to help, please email Mark Hyde at mhydepa@gmail.com to learn more.
Jonathan Baird MPAS, PA-C, ATC
Utah Academy of Physician Assistants


Dan Crouse about 1 hour ago

My father died of melanoma and my sister is a melanoma survivor, along with the fact that over the course of my 38 years working in primary care I have seen too many melanomas. So I fully endorse this ban on anyone under the age of 18.

Bryan Nelson less than a minute ago

Allowing a minor to go to a tanning salon is ridiculous. There is no reason for it. I would fully support a ban not allowing minors to go.

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