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Guidelines for Requests

UAPA frequently receives request to contact our general membership regarding community events, CME events, and to participate in individual surveys. Given the large volume of requests that we receive, we have created guidelines for submitters:

  • Requests from outside entities will no longer be emailed to our membership or posted in the announcement section of our website. Instead, they will be posted in the UAPA Forum under the Community Announcements & Local CME section.
  • The exact wording desired in the post will need to be clearly stated in the message that you submit to UAPA. This wording will be copied and pasted directly into the forum post. If no wording is included in the body of the message, the request will not be posted in the forum. In the past, very few submitters have supplied ready-to-go announcements. It is extremely time-consuming to copy edit and format announcements from outside entities, and we will no longer provide this service.
  • If an attached flyer is desired, it will need to be submitted in pdf form or it will not be attached. No wording or graphics will be copied and pasted from the pdf into the announcement.
  • Announcements will be removed from the forum quarterly.

Mailing Address

The Utah Academy of Physician Assistants
PO Box 12624
Ogden, UT 84412

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