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Legislative Alert: 11/18/20

Posted 7 days ago Legislation

Legislative Alert!


On 11/17/20 the Utah Business & Labor Interim Committee PASSED the draft legislation of the

“Physician Assistant Act Amendments”

(Utah Pa Practice Modernization Act)

Bill Language Link


“Mental Health Professional Practice Act Amendments”

(Inclusion of Psychiatric Physician Assistants In the Utah Mental Health Practice Act)

Bill Language Link


We thank those who gave testimony in favor of the bill and those who attempted but were not allowed due to time constraints.


Dale Bingham 7 days ago

I realize I always comment but this is too big an issue. The ONLY thing affecting, and will effect PAs forever is the issue of collaboration and this was number one on the UMA quick list in their attack on the Bill

This is the single thing that will drive the future of PAs. We have to have collaborative status just like the NPs do so we can compete in a market that they have us down 4:1 We love them, and it’s not against NPs just leveling the field so we can compete and get the GOOD jobs too. All of the other things in the Bill are wonderful but not vital to PA longevity (as a viable strong professionals not relegated to the jobs only where a doc really thinks were the “assistant” in the literal way. I really got this vibe from the UMA doctor.

Jonathan did a great job with what little time they gave him and it’s through for now, but they made it clear at the UMA they were going to fight

My measly advice is that we be honest. We DO NOT think we are equal to doctors. We LOVE working with and for our doctors. BUT our profession is struggling mightily (please, I beg, do not rely on INDEED as an indicator)You can IF you know how to read it properly as there are many duplicates and phony jobs listed in the numbers) but I am talking to PAs all over and agencies. PAs are hurting. NPs are not, simply due, especially out west, to their “collaborative vs supervisor” stipulation. THEY can work for the telemedicine companies- we cannot. They don’t want to find us supervisors. I know because I speak with them.

If it gets hot we need to make clear this is about survival and job viability. I’d be happy to gather statistics It is not about independence and striking out on our own. Let’s be real though, we likely can’t “fool” the UMA or skip it by them. They’re doctors for a reason.

So we appeal to the reality 1. We’re losing jobs at an incredible rate due to NPs ability to just be “hired” or open their practice and 2 we could not work telemedicine companies in the covid crisis, but NPs could, BECAUSE we are handcuffed by the supervisor rule.

Look, we’ve proven ourselves and we WANT to still have a doctor / PA relationship forever and they need to know this. This is not about ego ....but about economics and our survival (not literally but as a viable profession and not the afterthought.)

Viet Le 7 days ago

Great work all

Carol Tanner 7 days ago

So, Dale, what can we all do to prepare for the next step? I appreciate all the work that has been done on our behalf. I agree with your statements as I recently have switched employment and had to tackle some of these issues of finding a supervising physician. Thank you all for your work!

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