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Official Statement - 12-29-20

Posted 24 days ago in Official Statements

In response to the first of what will likely be many “concerned physician” letters regarding Senate

Bills 27and 28, the Utah Academy of Physician Assistants (UAPA) issues the following statement:

Official Statement - 12-29-20


Dick Rensch 18 days ago

THis was an excellent letter and those physician letter of opposition and their evidence based reasoning should also be published that we can know and see where this misinformation is coming from.

Dale Bingham about 4 hours ago

Highlighting the “need” for collaborative status based on almost purely job/economic reasoning likely would go over stronger. We’ve proven ourselves and if lesser trained NPs can enjoy the “no supervisor” status so can we. They outnumber us 4:1. They ARE taking jobs from PAs. Many workplaces now, to avoid hiring any doctors and paying that salary just hire “independent” NPs - I know they are not considered true independent in Utah but this is how THEY sell themselves. Kudos to them for just being smarter and seeing the writing on the wall. We as a profession have been timid. Afraid to upset the “doctors” who in a sense, own us. I think if THEY understand we can’t get GOOD jobs because of the disparity between the NP and PA we might stand a chance. But no way they want to let the last bastion of control go away. They see us as a threat for jobs when reality is we have a global PA idealism of wanting to work WITH them not against them.

But we’ll get there. I ask that my colleagues who have decent jobs understand, or try to understand, that new grads and others are being severely limited in their job choices. I mentored a fellow through AAPA a former nurse, who had to take a job he didn’t want because he had bills to pay and it was tough getting a PA job. Another PA in Idaho said don’t work here, few jobs and NPs are getting all of them because they don’t “need” a supervisor over them.

Keep fighting. Well get there.

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