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Legislative Alert! (1/27/21)

Posted about 1 month ago in Legislation

Contact the Senate Health & Human Services Committee TODAY!!


Our PA practice modernization bill (SB 27) is scheduled for its first committee hearing TOMORROW, Thursday, January 27, in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee. We need a strong showing of support for the bill for this hearing! Our opponents are working hard to defeat this PA-positive bill that will increase access to care for patients!



  1. CONTACT Committee Chairman Senator Michael Kennedy AND the members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee TODAY and ask the senators to support this SB 27.

          - Use the blue section below to easily send an email.

  1. Ask your colleagues, patients, friends and family to also submit comments to the committee members by sharing them this email!

For convenience, the email addresses for the committee members are:

– Sen. Michael Kennedy

 Sen. Jacob Anderegg

 Sen. David Buxton

 Sen. Luz Escamilla

 Sen. Keith Grover

 Sen. Jani Iwamoto

 Sen. Evan Vickers

 Sen. Chris H. Wilson

Sample email: [You can also edit and submit your email directly to legislators]

Please SUPPORT SB 27, the Physician Assistant Act Amendments bill sponsored by Senator Curtis Bramble.

SB 27 will expand patient access to the high-quality care PAs have provided for over fifty years – particularly in rural and underserved areas of Utah – by modernizing PA practice laws to reflect the way healthcare teams best deliver care.

SB 27 will allow PAs to treat patients consistent with their training, experience, and competency – without being held back by outdated state law requirements for a relationship with a specific physician in order to practice. SB 27 will also give PA employers flexibility to establish healthcare teams that are tailored to best meet the needs of patients and the facility or practice, and make decisions based on the skill and expertise of the team members.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how critical it is to remove barriers that hinder PAs from practicing to the full extent of their education, experience, and training – and this legislation will ensure that Utah can make the most of their PA workforce now and in the future.

I urge you to support updating Utah’s laws to improve patient access to care and PA practice in the state.

UAPA’s lobbying team continues to work nonstop on behalf of our profession and our patients, but WE CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP. We MUST HAVE A STRONG SHOW OF SUPPORT OF OUR PROFESSION!

Thank you in advance for acting on this very important matter.