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Legislative Alert! (3/17/21)

Posted 7 months ago in Legislation

Today (3/17) at 2:30 MDT, Utah Governor Cox will sign into law Utah SB 27 & 28.

We invite you all to watch live using the following link:


Kim McFarlane 7 months ago

I hope you can all take a few minutes from your busy schedule and join us in the monumental event! Making PA history!

Dale Bingham 7 months ago

What does this mean going forward for us PAs in Utah? When does it take full effect?

Jonathan Baird 7 months ago

In 90 days in becomes law. The Utah division of occupational and professional licensing (DOPL) has 180 days to create the rules for compliance.

Mandi Christensen 7 months ago

90 days from when he signed the bill correct?
I am guessing new information will be provided as far as what we need to do to be credentialed with insurance co's etc? This is such fantastic news! Life changing for my specific business and practice! GOOD WORK!

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