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NCCPA Health Foundation Grant Opportunities!

Posted 7 months ago by Amy Baird

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NCCPA Grant Information
Check out NCCPA Health Foundation Grant programs to support your efforts by providing funding for care and screenings, patient education, and efforts to raise awareness.
Opportunities include:
  • Be the CHANGE Grant (Up to $2,500)
  • Mental Health Outreach Grant (Up to $1,000)
  • Oral Health Outreach Grant (Up to $1,000)
  • Oral Health Integration Grant (Up to $3,000)
Need inspiration?
In 2021, grantees worked to reduce maternal mortality; promote smoking cessation; provide school-based and at-home care; expand healthy cooking and nutrition initiatives for those with chronic illness; deliver trauma-informed care for domestic violence victims; provide oral health screenings and fluoride varnish for the underserved; and more. Join this grassroots movement for better health in 2022!
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