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April 19th: Give YOUR Input on Future of HealthCare in Utah: We Need PA Voices!

Posted 3 months ago by Amy Baird

Hello, Utah Academy of Physician Assistants


The One Utah Health Collaborative is a private-public partnership initiated by Governor Cox to convene stakeholders across the state to make Utah the national leader in affordable, innovative healthcare. The Collaborative will officially kick-off in July 2022, and we are using the next few months to create alignment on statewide goals, determine how to best accelerate innovation, and establish a lasting governance structure.


As members of the Governor’s appointed Organizing Committee, Dr. Sarah Woolsey, Dr. Michelle Hofmann, Greg Bell, Rich Saunders and I have been asked to convene a virtual forum of individuals and organizations involved in care delivery on April 19 at 6:00 pm MT. Our goal is to gather input on questions such as: 

  • We want to make healthcare easier to pay for, be more fair, and have better results. What goals could we create to make that happen?
  • What are the biggest pain points patients experience when trying to get care?
  • What are creative ideas for lowering costs and increasing health for all Utahns?
  • What stops Utah’s health care system from trying new ideas?

We believe that UAPA is crucial, and we were hoping that you could encourage all UAPA members to register and participate in this process. Please access the registration page for the forum on April 19th here.



Scott Barlow Organizing Committee Member 


Link to April 19, 2022, Care Delivery Stakeholder Forum registration: