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Exciting UAPA Updates: New Bylaws! Strategic Planning Goals!

Posted 2 months ago by Amy Baird

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UAPA Bylaws 2022 (280 KB)

Good morning!

We wanted to reach out to thank YOU again for all you do to improve the profession. As an organization, we are working to serve you better. Part of that work is creating new bylaws and strategic goals for the organization.

Attached to this announcement you will find the following:

  1. UAPA Bylaws
  2. Board Meeting Minutes from our April 6, 2022 meeting
  3. Strategic Planning Document

I have also copied our strategic planning document below. 

Strategic Planning:

Strategic Planning

Objective 1: Improve access to high-quality healthcare for all Utahns


  1. Increase access to vulnerable and underserved Utah communities.
  2. Improve the affordability of healthcare for all Utahns
  3. Promote individual and community health/wellness in Utah


Action Items:

    • Encouraging the right people to be in front of the right patient at the right time
    • PAs to help with initial diagnosis and send to MDs for more serious cases (affordable)
    • Promote most value in healthcare. PAs have a great part of that. Most expertise for initial diagnosis.
    • PAs play an important role in the healthcare ecosystem.
    • Keep an ear out to ensure that we are joining committees involved with providing health care to vulnerable and underserved Utah communities.
    • Being on the Governor’s health care task force General Healthcare Delegation will allow us to give input and ensure that PAs have a voice in healthcare reform
    • We could create a social media channel with hints and tips about wellness that we can share to the public. Maybe create some graphics, health challenges. The student PAs are interested in doing social media

        Objective 2: Facilitate transition/orientation to practice for PAS at all levels (new grads, students, career transitions to practice) to guide their career path/transition.


        1. Mentorship/Coaching
        2. Guidance and collaboration
        3. Informal/formal training offerings

        Action Items:

        • The PA Academic Subcommitee is meeting to discuss offering this support through the local universities

        Objective 3:  Create collateral documentation for appropriate awareness and knowledge on the UAPA website (organized by audience) 

        1. Leverage information for transition to practice materials by
        2. Learning modules available by
        3. Seek stakeholder input on what they need or what is most important


        Action Items:

        • Make an landing page organized by audience (Pre-PA, PA Student, PA, Retired PA, Stakeholders (employers)
        • Transition to practice materials and resources (created by Academic Committee)
        • Stakeholder information especially about implementation
        • Reached out to Dan Cohen at MyPa to see suggestions for making more user friendly
        • Amy update webpage to make sure current information (UVU’s pa program wasn’t on there) PA student help??
        • Amy talked with Dan Cohen about updating webpage: 
        • Brian suggested this as an example:
        • Dan mentioned that we can revise the website, he suggested having a professional logo made because ours is a little cartoony
        • We can use the website to increase revenue by charging for advertising and making a newsletter
        • It would look more professional with solid colors and a logo.


        Objective 4: Engagement and communicating with stakeholders


        1. Improve public, virtual, and real-time interface with UAPA
        2. Promote positive and supportive relationships with patient communities, regulators, and the healthcare industry
        3. Authentically represent PA constituent concerns and needs


        Action Items:

        • Create a webpage that will provide a forward-facing portal for stakeholders
        • Letters to stakeholders: sent
        • Follow up with stakeholders: using a grant to hire someone to reach out
        • Provide a connection method such as social media or a newsletter

        Objective 5: Implementation of current/future legislation to help understand and adopt into practice


        1. FAQs and understanding of legislation for stakeholders
        2. Documentation and criterion of required hours by 


        Action Items:

        • Provide detailed information about legislation and impact through webpage, Youtube videos, social media posts
        • Webpage hosting information about changes due to legislation with audience focused portals to information
        • Specific FAQs and Case Studies of what it will look like when implemented
        • Required hours tracking suggestions

        Objective 6: Increase our membership by creating a stronger value proposition


        1. Getting more members at the individual level
        2. Getting more members at the student level
        3. Increase retention of existing members by
        4. Creating a dual membership with AAPA with 1 payment for dual membership by


        Action Items

        • Approach AAPA about the possibility of a dual membership: approached but they are not offering it at this time
        • Clearly identify benefits of membership
        • Create more sense of community
        • Increase retention percentage to 
        • Increase membership by 10%




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