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Vote Now! Instructions for Voting in the 2022 UAPA Election

Posted 16 days ago by Amy Baird

Check Your Email!

All UAPA members received a ballot to vote for 2022 elections. The subject line says, "Vote Now: UAPA- UAPA 2022 Elections" and the email is from UAPA.

Go to Ballot:

To go to the ballot, go to the email you received that says "Vote Now!"  You can either:

1. Click on the link.

2. Go to the webpage and enter your code

Each person has their own unique invitation and code for voting.

Voting Instructions:

When you pull up the link, you will come to the ballot.

The first part will be a paragraph of instructions.

Three Options:

When you are voting, you always have 3 options. You can

1. Vote for the candidate listed.

2. Write in another candidate

3. Abstain (not vote)

The first election is for President Elect. You can either choose to vote for Alan Bybee or you can choose to write in another candidate. Or if you would not like to vote, you can select "Abstain." 

Ballot View

How to Vote:

This next screenshot illustrates how to vote. If you would like to vote for a candidate, you will click on the + button. You have one vote and that will allow you to cast one vote for the person. At the bottom, you will notice there is a place to check if you wish to abstain from voting.

Ballot Image 2

Junior Delegate Voting Instructions:

For the Junior Delegate, you can only vote if you are a fellow member of UAPA.

If you are NOT a fellow member of UAPA, please select "Abstain." 

Junior Delegate Ballot

Member at Large Elections:

For member at large elections, you can only vote if you live in that region. If you do not live in either region, select "Abstain" for both regions.

If you do not live in Region 2, you can't vote for the member at large for Region 2. If you don't live in Region 4, you can't vote for the member at large in Region 4.

Your region is based on your current congressional representative.

Member at Large

You will then review your votes before clicking "Submit." Once you have submitted, you will see a confirmation of your vote.

Submitting vote

Submitting Your Vote

Once you have selected your votes and abstained from the ones that you are not eligible for, you can submit your vote. See the screenshot below to see the button at the bottom which reads "Continue."

Confirm Vote

Get to Know the Candidates:

Meet Candidates UAPA Elections

You can read the candidate's bios here:

Or read below:

2022 UAPA Elections Candidate Bios

President Elect

Alan N. Bybee MPA PA-C DFAAPA 


I left Utah in 1982 to attend PA school in Michigan graduating from Western Michigan University in 1984 and returned to Utah. I started working with IHC Work Med also working in Family and correctional medicine. While working I finished my master’s degree in public administration at Brigham Young University in 1988. From 1990 to 1995 I worked at Planned Parenthood of Utah and started their male health program. Bored at doing the same thing every day I returned to Family Medicine and have spent the last 37 years working in Morgan and South Ogden. I love to teach and have precepted students since 1990, I was able to take that passion to the classroom in 2016 when I was hired as part time faculty at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo.


I have had years of leadership experience with AAPA serving twice on AAPA Board of Directors and on several committees and commissions. I was privileged to be a part of the OTP task force and was a delegate at the AAPA House of Delegates when it was passed.

The last 6 years I have been a UAPA delegate to the AAPA House of Delegates. At this time, I am running for the office of President-Elect of the Utah Academy of Physician Associates because I believe I can add leadership experience to the board of directors. A leadership that will continue to build on the exceptional foundation made in our State over the last four years. As a profession we need to remove every barrier that keeps us from practicing at the top of our license and training.


Leslie Fabian


Leslie graduated from Emory University PA Program in December 2006 and immediately began work at a high-volume ED in Tulsa, OK. During that time she also earned a master’s degree in disaster medicine and worked as an instructor with the University of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Medicine. After four years, however, the call of the mountains drew her back West to work in trauma surgery at Utah Valley Hospital. In 2017, her family relocated to Ogden, and she is happy to now be part of the McKay-Dee team. When away from work she enjoys hiking with her family and their German Shepherd, fly fishing on the Green River, collecting recipes and sometimes cooking them, and playing music.


I’d like to work toward more specialty and sub-specialty PA involvement with UAPA. With employers limiting the number of professional organizations they cover, it seems a large portion of them opt to join their specialty associations for CME and other reasons. I think UAPA is undervalued in the minds of many because they don’t understand what is going on behind the scenes and the impact they and their engagement can make in the advancement of the profession in the state.


Member at Large: Region 2

Shaun Curran


My name is Shaun Curran, MPAS, PA-C and I am would be honored and humbled to serve as Member-at-Large for Region 2. As a member-at-large, I would be proud to serve as voice for my region 2 constituents and ensure that I represent the views and values of those I serve. I plan to be an active listener and a pragmatic voice for UAPA, and I will work with all stakeholders to do what is right and fair for all PAs in Utah.

Alexander Gouttsoul


Alexander Gouttsoul, PA-C graduated from the Utah Physician Assistant Program in August of 2010. For the past 9 years he had the opportunity to practice medicine at the University of Utah Medical Center in cardiology electrophysiology and later in internal medicine as a PA hospitalist. With the support from the Department of Internal Medicine he built the IM Post Graduate Fellowship. The program has since grown and has added the hematology-oncology track, now collaborating with NP and PA programs in steering the future of APP education. The program is a member of APGAP and APPAP. For the past few years Alexander participated at the APPAP as a director at large responsible for education. He presented at the “2022 Advanced Practice Provider Fellowship Conference: Launching and Refining Your Programs” on proforma and is invited to participate at the SHM leaders of APP Hospital Medicine programs meeting. 


As a member at large I would remain an advocate for the PA profession. I will direct my efforts to advance PA education to shape confidence and foster collegiality, to promote recognition and the opportunity for development. 


Member at Large: Region 4

Clint Demas


Clint is a practicing PA in primary care in rural Cedar City, Utah.  He has worked as a PA for nearly 10 years with over 15 years in the medical field most of which has been spent in primary care.  Clint is married and has four beautiful and rambunctious children who keep him grounded and constantly surprise him as kids tend to do.  He enjoys spending time outdoors especially up the mountains breathing the cool, fresh air and listening to the breeze whisper through the trees.  He believes strongly in a sense of community and is regularly engaged in service within his own community and church and finds great joy in doing that important work.  Clint finds fulfillment in helping people find the potential within themselves and seeing them develop into the individuals he knows they can become.


There are three qualities that all elected individuals should possess no matter the capacity in which they are serving.  They should be good, honest, and wise.  I believe much good could be accomplished if more people would be willing to uphold those qualities.  My aim is to live by these values as we strive together to make advancements to the PA profession and help others see the vision of what we are, what we contribute to our communities, and what we can become.   


Together as elected leaders of the UAPA, I feel strongly that if we function as a cohesive unit, there is nothing we can not accomplish.  I look forward to working with my colleagues as we strive to advance our profession and support our fellow PAs.  In so doing, we will see our communities become better places and influence the world around us for good.

AAPA Junior Delegate

 Fernando Rivero


Fernando Rivero is a Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine trained PA, graduate of the University of Utah PA Program, currently working in Moab and Monticello Utah. He trained and worked in Emergency medicine at Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City and also worked at the University of Utah in the ED. In April 2020, he spent 3 weeks in New York City working in a small ED in the Bronx, the epicenter of the COVID outbreak in NYC. His work experience also includes rural medicine at Green River Medical Center in Utah as well as 20 years experience as a firefighter/paramedic. He has extensive teaching and lecturing experience and has a Master of Public Health degree from Westminster College.


Dick Rensch

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