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New UAPA Survey Page!

Posted about 2 months ago by Amy Baird

We've got something new to share!
We get a lot of requests for PAs to fill out surveys so we wanted to figure out a way to simplify it so you aren't constantly getting survey requests.
The UAPA Survey Page! Each month, we will be posting an overview of the survey requests. Check out the new survey page here:

Here is this month's survey:
Social Re-adjustment Survey from a Professor at the University of South Carolina College of Nursing
Examining Healthcare Provider Knowledge and Practices in Addressing Child Maltreatment

Dear Pediatric/Family Healthcare Provider,
I am seeking providers to complete a survey to gather information to identify better ways of helping pediatric practices keep their patients safe. As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and University of South Carolina College of Nursing faculty member, I have interest in identifying what factors in and out of the healthcare setting affect our care of patients and identification of risk for child maltreatment. This survey aims to understand effects of provider education and experiences on child maltreatment response and plan future pre-professional and continuing education approaches for child maltreatment risk assessment and response.

Providers who qualify to participate are: 1) at least 18 years old; 2) able to read and understand English; and 3) must be an MD, DO, PA, or NP. You are NOT qualified to take the survey if you have ever been involved in the maltreatment of a child.

Procedures and Duration: The survey will ask yes/no questions about whether difficult events, such as violence in the home or divorce, happened in your life. Some items ask if events happened when you were a child or an adult, or to children in your family. There are yes/no questions about recent life changes such as a new job, family deaths, or moving. There are questions about your response to safety concerns for children. Finally, there are questions about your practice, past education and training, and workplace stress. The survey will take about 15 minutes.

Risks and Discomforts: The survey does not gather identifying information about you. Some survey questions ask for yes/no answers about difficult situations that may have occurred in your past professional and personal life. These will not link to information about your identity. There are no questions such as your address in the survey. Survey answers will be analyzed as a group (200 or more across Southeastern US)-the survey is being widely distributed via directory listed emails; professional organization sharing; drop off at practices; and via mail to practice addresses.

Voluntary Participation: You are in no way obligated to answer the survey. The survey and its de-identified data are in a password-secure non-profit survey program called Redcap, via the UofSC Arnold School of Public Health. If there is a question you do not want to answer, I respect your right to leave it blank. You are free to stop participating at any time.

Costs: There will be no costs to you for participating in this study.

Optional Drawing: If you choose to complete the survey to its entirety, you have the option of entering a drawing for 4 chances for a $25 VISA gift card. If you enter the drawing, you will leave contact information in a separate link/paper from your survey answers. This link will be in an entirely separate computer program than RedCap so there is no way to connect your answers to a drawing submission.

Future Participation: You will be asked about potential participation in future studies. This is optional and separate from the survey and gift card drawing. If I may contact you, your information will be provided at a separate link.
If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Kate Chappell. If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject in this study you may contact Lisa Marie Johnson, IRB Manager, Office of Research Compliance, University of South Carolina, 1600 Hampton St, Suite 414D, Columbia, SC 29208, phone: (803) 777-7095 or email:

Thank you for your help.
Kate K. Chappell, Ph.D., APRN, CPNP-PC
University of South Carolina College of Nursing
803-556-1282 or email