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Covid 19 State of Utah Emergency Declaration

Posted over 1 year ago by Bradley Pace

Recently the Governor of Utah declared a state of emergency for all of Utah regarding the Covid 19 virus.
As we know, this is an infirmity that is rattling our nation, state and local communities. 
This is a time where we may all be called upon to help our fellow citizens and perhaps work in an emergency setting, hospital triage, or treating and caring for patients.  
We ask that you be ready for the call if needed. 
You will have the authority, under state law of 58 -1 - 307, to work with other supervising physicians during the emergency declaration.  section  4:
"Upon the declaration of a national, state, or local emergency, a public health emergency as defined in Section 26-23b-102, or a declaration by the president of the United States or other federal official requesting public health-related activities, the division in collaboration with the board may:
suspend the requirements for permanent or temporary licensure of individuals who are licensed in another state for the duration of the emergency while engaged in the scope of practice for which they are licensed in the other state;
modify, under the circumstances described in this Subsection (4) and Subsection (5), the scope of practice restrictions under this title for individuals who are licensed under this title as:
a Physician Assistant under Chapter 70a, Utah Physician Assistant Act;"

DOPL has provided the following counsel: 

Physician Assistant supervision ratios are being expanded such, that a Physician can supervise more than 4 Physician assistants.  DOPL will be asking that they provide a listing of Physician Assistants being supervised.  DOPL is NOT modifying the scope of practice. However, Physician Assistants can provide services within the scope of practice of the supervising Physician.

If a Physician Assistant has been working with an orthopedist, and they switch over to assist in an ED or testing location that is accepted as being within the supervising Physician's scope of practice.  DOPL will not require a modified DOSA during the period of the emergency declaration.

DOPL is also in the process of developing an emergency temporary license registration for out of state licensees.
If a Physician Assistant is temporarily working for another Physician due to the emergency declaration, DOPL will need to be notified by email to of the Physician's name and license number, the location and the Physician Assistant's name and license number. Please provide this information to all who need it.
To all practicing Physician assistants, we ask that you follow the CDC guidelines. Please protect yourself.

We truly appreciate those on the front line. We know that many people are grateful for your dedication.

Please check back at our website for further instruction.


UAPA Board of Directors.


Jonathan Baird over 1 year ago

What a great opportunity for PAs in this state to demonstrate their medical knowledge and skill along with their caring attitudes and values.

May we all rise to this great opportunity!

David Anderson over 1 year ago

PA's have always risen to the call to fill the need of our communities, brothers and sisters in need. From the battlefields to the streets.
PA's fill the real need, the whole need.
May we all continue to serve with the Grace of God.

Dale Bingham over 1 year ago

Why do WE have to have the supervisor AT ALL? The NP can operate statewide, anytime , anywhere, free and clear, no babysitter needed. Can anyone answer what rationale says us PAs NEED supervision as opposed to what makes a less trained ( look at the training hours it is thousands hours less in didactic AND clinical training) MORE capable than is? Why do WE need it and they don’t? Why do we celebrate this? It’s costing ALOT of jobs in Utah.

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